• How do I purchase a PotPunk on OpenSea?

    PotPunks will be minted and sold directly on OpenSea which is the world’s largest NFT marketplace. To purchase a PotPunk make sure to create an OpenSea account and sync your MetaMask account to OpenSea. MetaMask is a wallet extension that you can install on your internet browser. Then you must load your wallet with some Ethereum to purchase any PotPunks.

  • What is the starting price of the PotPunks?

    The starting price of newly minted punks will be .042 ETH ($70 - $120) for the first 15 minted PotPunks then they may be subject to increase. Majority of the PotPunks will be available as a (Buy Now) but we might do Auction Style sales in the future. The Super Alien Punk along with the BigFoot Punk will not be available to sale to the public. Those are extremely special PotPunks that will light the initial joint and smoke the last puff when we finally integrate the PotPunks as collectible frames on our website.

  • Will any PotPunks be claimable for free?

    We have no official plans to offer free PotPunks to the open public but as a new project we want to get these PotPunks into the hands of as many people as possible. Stay tuned to our email newsletter and our discord / twitter channel as we may be releasing free PotPunk characters from time to time. You will still need a small amount of Ethereum in your wallet to claim any free character to pay for the gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • What inspired the launch of PotPunks?

    Potpunks was inspired as one of the original Cannabis NFT’s that celebrates the diversity of the people who puff the plant and honor the pioneers who are helping pave the way for federal legalization.

  • Are there any royalties upon re-sale?

    Yes, we have a 10% royalty on the collection for any future sales.

  • What will the proceeds be used for?

    Everytime a Pot Punk is sold a portion of the proceeds will be deposited to our partner Charity The Weldon Project who is dedicated to funding social change and financial aid for those who are still serving prison time for cannabis-related offenses.